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Essential oils have an incredibly long list of uses, as does diatomaceous earth(DE). And even though these products are very different, we've found that they are used for many of the same things. This means that by using DE, the cheaper alternative to costly oils, you can save money and your oils for where they really count.

We took a look at "101 Ways to Use Essential Oils," put together by Dr. Axe, and from that list we found 12 ways you can use DE to help you save your oils for their most important uses.

1. All-purpose Cleaner

Use our DE all-purpose cleaner recipe, and you won't have to clean with lemon or tea tree oils. If you want to, you can include essential oils for the scent, but it isn't necessary.

2. Face Wash

You can make a deep cleaning face wash with tea tree oil and raw honey, or you can simply mix some DE with water and use that instead. DE is both absorptive and gently abrasive, making it the perfect exfoliating ingredient for your DIY face wash.

3. Improve Hair Growth, Strengthen Nails and Skin

Different combinations of essential oils are said to improve hair growth and strengthen nails and skin. It's the same with DE. Many people who take DE regularly notice that their hair is thicker, their skin is healthier, and their nails are stronger. This is because silica, the main component of DE, is necessary to maintain health throughout much of the body, including hair, nails, and skin.

4. Pest Control


Sure, some essential oils can kill bugs, but only when bugs are sprayed directly with them. And you would burn through a lot of essential oils that way if you had a bad bug problem. On the other hand, applying a good layer of DE will deter bugs and help prevent new infestations.

5. Teeth Whitener

You can use essential oils to create a rub for your teeth, or you can add a pinch of DE to your toothpaste when you brush. The extra abrasiveness of DE cuts through plaque and other garbage that might be clinging to your teeth.

6. Sleep Aid

Lavender oil has been known to help people with sleeping problems. But did you know that some people who take DE report having improved sleep? We're not exactly sure why, but people who take DE in the morning often have better energy throughout the day and sleep sounder at night.

7. Deodorizer

Don't dump your costly oils down the garbage disposal, garbage can, or anything else. That's what DE is for. You can put DE in your refrigerator, smelly shoes, carpet, vacuum bag, and more to combat foul odors. The absorbent quality of DE makes it a powerful deodorizer.

8. Digestion Enhancer

Ginger, peppermint, and fennel oils reportedly help improve digestion, but improving digestion is one of DE's greatest strengths. Many people report a substantial improvement in their digestive health from taking DE regularly.

9. Food Cravings Reducer

Inhaling peppermint and cinnamon oil may help reduce food cravings, but DE does this too, just don't inhale it! We're not exactly sure why, but many people have reported diminished food cravings when they take DE. This helps with kicking bad habits and losing weight.

10. Joint Aid

Wintergreen, cypress, and lemongrass oils are said to relieve arthritis. Although we don't claim DE as a cure for arthritis, many people have shared testimonials of how DE has helped relieve joint pain. Like we said above, DE is packed with silica, and giving your body a silica boost can promote stronger healthier joints.

11. Weight Loss Aid


A combination of grapefruit, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils are supposed to increase metabolism and help you lose weight. But remember what we said about food cravings? DE can help people curb their desires for sweets and excess food, helping them stick to a healthy diet. DE also seems to give some people an energy boost, which can help you have the energy you need to meet your exercise goals.

12. Immune System Booster

Oregano can supposedly boost the immune system, but DE is a natural detoxifier that can help your body eliminate toxins from your system. This can lead to better overall health and a stronger immune system.

We're big diatomaceous earth fans, but we definitely don't have anything against essential oils. But we do see using DE as a way to conserve your essential oils. So use DE whenever possible, and it will help you save your essential oils for when you need them the most.

There's also a lot of ways you can use diatomaceous earth and essential oils together. Check out our essential oil infographic for more info!