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Why Buy From Us

Our Story

In 2011, we were fascinated that Diatomaceous Earth (DE), a natural mineral, could be used as an all-natural insecticide and repellent. As we dug in and continued our research, we found that DE's uses went far beyond simple household pest control. After acquainting ourselves with many of its applications, from health supplement to bedbug treatment, we realized that DE was a product that represented our values: health, utility, and the environment.

This became an opportunity to provide something to make people's lives easier, healthier, and better. We noticed that there was only a handful of companies that sold DE, selling it on a small scale, typically in plastic bags, without labels, and sometimes with poor results. We saw that many people were eager to try using DE, but struggled to find a positive buying experience or reliable source. This was a central part of what inspired

We set ourselves apart by the quality of our products and packaging. We have worked hard over the past few years to put together the largest online resource for learning about diatomaceous earth anywhere. Our goal is to create an intuitive online experience that changes the way people buy DE.

Our Products

Diatomaceous Earth is mined from deposits of fossilized algae found in the western United States. If untreated, DE is safe for human consumption. We have worked hard to produce a DE which stands out from our competitors by being purer, healthier, and greener.

Our product is sourced only from mines which meet our standards for purity and environmental safety. We are proud to say that our DE is compliant with FDA regulations, meets standards for purity and safety, and has broader applications than our competitors'.

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to package and distribute our Diatomaceous Earth throughout North America. We have developed a unique system of producing our product, using only food grade packaging equipment to interact with our DE. This provides a consistently pure finished product that is superior to the procedures of our competitors.

We meet the highest federal standards for food and facility safety to ensure that the products that leave our facility are of the highest quality. Our depot makes multiple shipments throughout the week, keeping with our customer's orders.

Our company is made up of people who bring so much to the table: world-class customer service, website development, research, logistics, and management. As a team, our number one priority is sharing our product with our customers to make the world a better place.