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Our testimonials page offers the opportunity for you to hear about our product from others. We have provided honest experiences from customers all over. As a reference for future customers, these reviews come from customers who have used diatomaceous earth in a variety of ways. We want to build the DE community, and we feel that customer testimonials will encourage and broaden that community. Feel free to read through their thoughts. In turn, we hope that you will feel confident and comfortable sharing your own experience with us and the DE community.


We have been using DE since 2000 when I first started buying it for our farm. We use it in and on our cattle, horses, dogs, cats and the plants in our garden and yard. We use it when we store our oats or other grains. I also take it since I have joint issues for the mineral content. I repackage it and sell it at our booth in the farmers markets, so I am really big on using it.
Kim Wells, Wells Family Farms

I found lots of aphids and tiny green worms eating my roses and leaves on my rose bushes, so I very lightly sprayed the rose bushes with peroxide water and then sprinkled food grade diatomaceous earth on them. I did this one day, and I sprinkled more DE on them the next day after it rained. I checked that afternoon, and all the aphids and worms were dead or gone. The DE works better not wet, so if it rains let the plant dry some before reapplying. I only used peroxide water the one day because it was windy, so I sprayed it on lightly so the DE would stick to the bugs and worms.
Cheree Teachout, blog writer for Natural and Frugal: Raising Six Kids

I made a shaker out of a pasta jar with holes punched in the lid, we had pretty bad flea infestation and chemical treatments were not working. After a thorough vacuuming I sprinkled the DE on my dogs and in all of the areas they like to hang out. I then swept it into the cracks on the hardwood floor. It's pretty messy. But 48 hours in there are dramatically less fleas. I feel like these fleas have become resistant to the chemical sprays I've used in the past. I plan to combine this treatment with the use of beneficial nematodes on my lawn for a non-toxic approach.
Ricky Balch, Verified Amazon Customer

I just wanted to say that Diatomaceous Earth WORKS. I have really bad arthritis in both thumb base joints. Since I have started taking the Diatomaceous Earth my joints feel great.
Jill Anderson-Luckenbaugh

I tried it out on my skin. I have naturally oily skin, and I heard that DE helps to clear up skin. It feels really nice on your skin. I mixed a little with my daily face wash, and I gently scrubbed my face. You have to be careful with it because it could dry out your skin. So I only use it about twice a week. I noticed a difference with my skin. It felt more smooth and less oily. It's nice because my skin is also really sensitive, but it didn't irritate my skin in any way.
Mallory Delora

I was so pleased with the effectiveness of your product that I HAD to give a testimony! My home was infested with bedbugs I picked up from a friend's home. They were in every room of my 3 bedroom 2 bath home; including the kitchen and bathrooms. I would see them lurking in the ceiling corners and on the walls during all hours of the day and night. My couches, beds, and carpeting were crawling with them. I felt bedbugs crawling on me even when they weren't. I came across your website after combing the internet for an affordable solution. I ordered a 10 lb box of diatomaceous earth and used the squeeze duster to apply the powder to EVERY nook, cranny, baseboard, electrical outlet and each bed and couch in my home. At first I was discouraged because the parasites were not dying as fast as I would have liked. I prayed and continued to apply the powder and within 3-4 months, the bugs were completely gone! That was over 8 months ago and I am still bedbug free! I recommend this product to anyone who has a bedbug problem; IT REALLY WORKS! You can quote me on that!
Shasta Harrison, Verified Customer