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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains how we handle your confidential information. It explains our website security features, our communication standards and how you can contact us for more information or for clarification of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is binding. By reading this policy or partaking of the services and products on, you are accepting this policy and every provision contained herein.

There may be instances and circumstances that require this policy to be changed. If we change this policy for any reason, we will email you a notification. It is your responsibility to read any updates to this policy.

Privacy Policy 

Personal Information

When our customers purchase a product, we collect their full name, email and home addresses, shipping address, phone number and payment information. The detailed information we collect during our checkout process is used to verify, process payment, and ship the order.

In addition, if the credit card address and the delivery address are different, we will call the customer via the phone number provided to verify that it is a legitimate order. We never sell personal information to third party companies or individuals, and we take every possible precaution to protect your personal information.


Browser Cookies

We collect specific information on all of our customers and potential customers. Our site uses cookies to collect demographic information. Cookies are little bits of website code that collect basic information on website users.

The information collected by our cookies includes the visitor's country of residence, the type of browser they are using and the operating system. It also lets us know how long our customers spent on each webpage and the pages they viewed. This is used to help us upgrade our website and to provide a better user experience. We do not use this information for malicious purposes, and we never sell this information. We collect it solely to improve the experience of our customers. You can visit this page to opt out of AdRoll and their partners' targeted advertising.


Website Security Features

We use the latest technology to protect your user information. We use SSL protection to encrypt all of your personal data and financial information. We are also verified and secured.


Customer Communication

We may occasionally contact our customers via email and mail. This is done to advertise specials and promotions. Our customers can cancel these communications at any time by sending us an email at Once we receive that email, we will delete all the information from our databases. Additionally to update any information you can send an email to the same address. We will always do everything within our power to honor your communication requests.


Payment Methods

We accept credit, debit and prepaid cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. We do not accept personal checks or cash.


Contact Us

For more information on our privacy policy or for any questions, please feel free to contact us via email