Food Grade DE for You

For those of you interested in consuming diatomaceous earth, we need to remind you that the only safe way to take DE is to consume food grade diatomaceous earth. Any other types of DE are not safe to eat. Here at, we only sell food grade, which is the only grade safe for human consumption.

If you have some Food Grade DE and are curious about the best way to consume it, follow these steps to get started.

Step 1:

You will need to decide what you would like to eat or drink to ingest your DE. It could be in your morning coffee, a glass of orange juice, milk, cereal, or even water. DE won't dissolve, mind you, and that means you will notice some grit if you are drinking something without much flavor or texture. One of our personal favorites is to combine it with a protein shake or smoothie.

Step 2:

Add the diatomaceous earth into your glass and stir. As diatomaceous earth will not dissolve it will be suspended in the liquid after stirring until given the time to settle. Drink right after stirring.

Step 3:

Repeat this process daily. You can increase the amount of diatomaceous earth you use slowly until you reach a level that works for you. We recommend not exceeding 1 tablespoon per day.

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