Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Human Benefits

Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is a gentle abrasive that's also highly absorbent. DE is almost entirely made of silica, an important component of human ligaments, cartilage, and musculature. This unique resume makes DE one of the cheapest and most versatile health products on the market.

Taking DE:

DE works as an amazing supplement; there are a couple of main reasons for this: 1) DE helps move things out of your intestines and 2) helps promote healthier hair, skin, bones, and joints.


Take DE on an empty stomach. We recommend starting small and slowly working your way up to a higher dose; begin with a teaspoon added to at least 12 ounces of liquid. Mix vigorously and drink immediately.

The chalky flavor and gritty texture are typical of DE mixed with water. Try adding DE to a drink with more flavor (milk, orange juice, coffee, smoothies) or to foods like yogurt or oatmeal.

You may experience your body responding to the detox effects of DE. Counteract these by increasing your fluid consumption.

Try either of our Green Smoothie or Coconut Cocktail DE recipes.

The Benefits of Taking DE:

Now that you know how to take DE, you need to know what DE will do for you. As stated before, taking DE can help promote healthier stronger hair, skin, bones, and joints.


The part of DE that our bodies absorb is actually a primary ingredient in many of the over-priced hair supplements at your local pharmacy. If you have thinning hair you can begin to see new hair growth in just a few weeks.


Collagen, another fundamental building block of healthy skin, production is helped by the presence of silica from DE. That extra collagen will make your skin smoother and fuller, keeping that healthy look.


DE's silica is not only an essential component of hair, but it is essential to having strong nails. So if you have nails which are brittle, take some DE to see them get stronger in just a few weeks.

Interested in learning more about how DE can help your hair, skin, and nails? Click Here!

Internal Benefits

Taking DE won't just be a help to the way you look externally, but it will help your internals too:

DE can actually help create more regular bowel movements and detox your digestive system.

Increased collagen production supports healthy digestion allowing your body to absorb more nutrients and flush out more unnecessary waste.

Looking to lose some weight? Collagen helps support a healthy metabolism which can help you manage your weight when combined with diet and exercise.

Collagen helps promote joint health and can reduce joint pain over time and strengthen the cartilage that cushions our joint movements.

Studies have also shown that DE, when taken daily, can help promote healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

External Use

DE is also a long-time ingredient in many dental, skincare, and cosmetic products. Why bother spending money on costly cosmetics and personal care products when you can make your own?


DE is used in teeth polishing compounds and toothpastes but, did you know that you can make your own all natural toothpaste using DE? That's right, a simple recipe that combines all natural ingredients can help give you cleaner teeth.


DE Also works as a fantastic exfoliator making it a perfect addition to many skin care products.

  • If you make soap at home, consider adding DE for some gentle exfoliation
  • Mix your DE with essential oils to create a skin cleansing cream or mask; it will help clear up your skin and clean your pores
  • Add DE to the skin care products you already own to improve them
  • You can even add DE and essential oils to your bubble bath for extra scrub!

The scope of DE's ability to promote your health is extremely broad making it the best "bang-for-your-buck" option on the market. is the only DE supplier in compliance with FDA supplement regulations. We pride ourselves on our ability to supply a product thousands have come to rely upon for maintaining their health.

Customer Reviews

  • It's an amazing product!

    "Previous user 2 years ago and user for about two months so far this time. My hair is more shiny, my nails smoother, and other changes in skin & tissues may be seen later. The arthritis in my hands seems to be stabilized in stiffness and pain levels. Its bearable. The silica content is essential to healthy living. I'm 82."

    - Barry

  • Amazing

    "Well...we've been drinking this for 2 weeks...just 1 teas. in our coffee each morning and me and my husband have noticed relief of pain in our joints...his in his elbow joints and me in my knee joints...I am now spreading the word about this amazing product and will be ordering more real soon because I'm giving out samples to all my friends and families."

    - Glenda

  • Works for me

    "This was recommended by a friend, and it has helped with some minor digestive issues. The product is a very fine powder that stays suspended long enough to consume in about 8 ounces of water. I have no issues with the taste and found it to be a good alternative to other medications. I'll likely try other uses (cleaning, deodorizing, etc.) for DE based on the comments from others on the site."

    - Tah

  • DE Cleanse

    "I've been using the earth for a little over three weeks and I can see a huge difference in the way I'm feeling. My skin looks better, my gut troubles are significantly decreasing, and I'm getting more energy. I don't think it's a placebo effect. I got my mother to try it and she has seen a huge difference as well. I'll use it for three months, then take some time off, then do it again. It seems to have health benefits and that's what I care about."

    - Faith

  • Pain relief of my hands

    "I was having for some time now pain on my hands, specially in the morning when I woke up my hands felt like stiff and swollen, and I had trouble moving them. But now since I been taking DE for one month I have more flexibility on my hands and the pain is almost gone. I been recommending it to my family and friends."

    - Iris

  • Many uses for this product

    "This is my second bag of Diatomaceous Earth purchased. I take 1/2 tea in milk in the evening to help me get sleepy. Also I brush my teeth with it twice a week. I have used it as a facial, nice glow and old dead skin removed. I am enjoying the internal way it keeps me regular also my nails are so strong. I have really thick hair so that was not an issue to solve of thinning hair to be restored."

    - Janice

  • Wonderful

    "Since I started taking diatomaceous earth my joints no longer hurt, my age spots are fading and I have supercharged energy and my over all feeling of well being has boosted tremendously. I mix a tablespoon each morning with water, it doesn't taste bad. I don't take a second dose or I wouldn't sleep! This is the best product I've found and I will continue to take it daily and share my experience with all my friends. Great product. I also noticed my facial skin is clearing and my hair is growing faster."

    - Jennifer

  • I absolutely LOVE this product...LOVE IT!

    "Since purchasing the diatomaceous earth food grade I admit I was quite skeptical of the many positive reviews I read. I began with a half a teaspoon every day in my glass of apple juice and drank it down quickly although there was no taste and I did not have any type of gritty experience. Within a few days I realized that I was extremely energetic. My knees stopped aching as the time went on, I increased to 1 teaspoon every morning and its been 8 months. I haven't had a backache or migraine in 6 months my skin looks great people tell me my hair is very full which it used to be flat. I absolutely love this product there are so many positive qualities to consuming it and I also sprinkle a little on my toothbrush to keep whitened and refreshed. Again the uses for this product is endless and the benefits limitless. It's strange that it's a natural product and I believe it was located somewhere near the fountain of youth lol I'm very amazed everyone in the world isnt using diatomaceous earth. It is a miracle cure. Also I'd like to mention, my cats have been more energetic too as I put a little sprinkle on their food once a week. Oh yes this stuff is incredible and if you don't believe me give it a one month try for yourself and like myself, you'll be telling all your friends. God bless and good health everyone."

    - Gia

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