Does Diatomaceous Earth Have Side Effects?


Numerous people have ingested diatomaceous earth and experienced positive results. To learn about these benefits, read our eating DE article. While diatomaceous earth is a organic and useful product, these benefits are the result of people's personal experience and opinions rather than scientific studies.

Many people may wonder what possible side effects could come from eating food grade diatomaceous earth. There are no real known side effects because it's not approved by the FDA to eat. The FDA recognizes that diatomaceous earth is used as a filter aid in other products, and this poses no problem to users of those products. It isn't really known if there are any problems, and many testimonials would state that there are no major problems.

Of course with that said, too much of anything is a bad thing, and the same idea applies to diatomaceous earth. Try to only use 1 tsp of diatomaceous earth mixed in a drink or meal within a 24 hour period. Make sure you purchase food grade diatomaceous earth if you want to start eating it. Another caution is issued to those who are pregnant or nursing. Check with a qualified health professional before ingesting diatomaceous earth as a supplement if you're pregnant or nursing.

Disclaimer: Testimonials on the use of diatomaceous earth are for reference only and are not approved by any type of governing board such as the FDA, USDA, or EPA. Uses outside of what said boards have approved are again, testimonials only and should also not to be considered or taken as professional advice by a physician, pharmacist, or any other health care provider to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any type of health condition. If you do have a serious health condition we recommend you see a qualified healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Please Note: only EPA registered products should be purchased for pesticidal purposes.

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