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Diatomaceous Earth Benefits Your Hair, Skin, and Nails


Silica is an essential component for making your hair and nails healthy and happy. So much so that silica is an essential ingredient for beauty and health supplements. These supplements are often expensive and can be a significant month-to-month expense for a family. Lucky for you, this ingredient, that companies want you to pay high prices for, is available, in bulk, at a fraction of the cost.


Diatomaceous earth (DE) is almost entirely made of silica, is safe to take daily and can help promote stronger hair, skin, and nails. Much of DE is made up of silica particles too large to be absorbed by your digestive system, but there will always be amounts of silica that are small enough to be absorbed.

What does that mean? DE may be almost 100% pure silica, but that doesn't mean you will absorb every bit of your dose into you your bloodstream, only small amounts will make it that far. But what does make it into your system is enough to help give you hair, skin, and nails a healthier look and feel

Silica plays an important role in promoting healthy bones, teeth, skin, tendons, blood vessels, nails, and hair. This basic mineral serves as a building block for so much of your body's structure.


Having silica available for your body is necessary for the basic upkeep of so many structures and functions. The silica that you take is almost like the concrete in a tall building: when it works alongside other minerals, it can build a durable and functional structure. But if you take away the basic mineral that your body uses so much of, you can begin to see some side effects.

If you are suffering from a silica deficiency, your skin slackens, nails weaken, and hair becomes brittle. Hair is normally the first one to show the signs of low silica intake. The average adult human has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head and each day an average of 100 hairs fall out. But the average person has around the same number of hairs grow back. With a silica deficiency, the number of hairs that begin growing each day falls off a cliff. This leads to thinning hair and, eventually, baldness.


Some people who are experiencing hair loss simply need to increase their silica intake to see the growth rebound. As with many nutritional changes, it can take a few weeks before you will notice any new hair growth, it takes time for new hair to start developing beneath your scalp.

On the flip side, even if you aren't deficient, having added silica in your system can work wonders for your hair, skin, and nails. As previously stated, many companies use silica as a primary ingredient for healthy hair and skin supplements; even if you are just looking for better hair, a silica supplement like DE is a simple way to see a change in just a few weeks.


If you want good hair but are worried about spending money on costly supplements, know that our food grade DE is, flat out, the most cost-effective silica supplement on the market.

Taking DE is just as easy as opening that tub of yogurt or pouring yourself some bran cereal, just mix one teaspoon with a drink each morning. It's that simple!