Wet Diatomaceous Earth Application (Indoors)


Wet applications make using DE a breeze; it is distributed evenly and in just the right amount. Because wet applications function best for warm and dry locations, there may be some limits to this method's application. While not the perfect way to apply for all situations, it is certainly one of the easiest.

Also, if you have a respiratory condition such as asthma, you may want to consider wet application for DE before anything else.

Step 1:

Using a funnel, fill a spray bottle with 4-6 tbsp for a spray bottle you have at home. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Screw on the lid or nozzle and give it a shake.

Step 2:

After you have identified the area of your home that needs DE and if it is both dry and warm, you can begin applying your DE mixture. Spray once or twice and move on.

Step 3:

If you are using a spray bottle that that has spray and squirt settings, choose spray. Holding the nozzle about 1' to 2' from the area, spray once or twice and move to the next area.

Step 4:

Allow for the water to evaporate. You should have a thin and evenly spread DE resembling dust.

Step 5:

Vacuum the area once you notice deceased insects and repeat application as needed.

Please Note: only EPA registered products should be purchased for pesticidal purposes.

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