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Why Diatomaceous Earth Can Help Save the World


Did you know that applying diatomaceous earth to protect your home from pests also helps protect the earth? This is because each time we use diatomaceous earth instead of mainstream pesticides, we lessen the flow of toxins into the environment.

Millions of pounds of toxic pesticides are used in the United States each year, and these chemicals do a lot more than kill bugs. They seep into the soil and into the water, contaminating fish, frogs, birds, bats, and other species that are vital to the ecosystem. But the damage doesn't stop there. These pesticides can contaminate us, too, exposing us to all kinds of health risks.

Many of these pesticides come from agriculture and other large scale productions, but some of them hit closer to home. Pest control services, as well as pesticides you buy in the store, often contain very dangerous substances. An article in the Huffington Post shows that at least some pest control companies use chemicals that could cause "developmental disorders, sexual problems, and obesity, among other health issues. . . . Recent research suggests harmful effects could even result from tiny doses."

It's a sad irony that the pest control industry invests a staggering amount of time and money in producing something so deadly, not only for the environment but for us as well. Yet it makes sense why companies do it. People pay for their products and services. According to IBISWorld, the industry (not including agricultural and forestry pesticides) makes $13.9 billion in revenue with a profit of $1.3 billion.

Fortunately, we can reverse the production of these chemicals. IBISWorld's analysis shows that over 55 percent of the pest control industry is focused on exterminating insects like bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants - the kinds of pests people have been killing with DE for years, which means that DE alone can replace over half of the pest control industry!

Killing bugs is just the beginning of what DE can do. When mixed with certain essential oils, DE can also repel rodents, which eliminates the need for things like rat poisons. DE is also a great cleaner that can replace many toxic cleaning products in our homes.

It's time to make toxic pesticides and other harmful chemicals relics of the past and use DE and other natural solutions instead. So join the diatomaceous earth movement and help eliminate the need for destructive toxins. Help save the earth by using the product the earth has already provided for us, and we will all enjoy the benefits of a healthy world for generations to come.