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Where Can I Buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?


"Where can I buy food grade diatomaceous earth?" This is a very common question, and it isn't always an easy one to answer. DE is manufactured by many different companies and sold in feed stores, hardware stores, health food stores, and online. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know what brand of DE is right for your needs.

While we can't answer for every brand, we can tell you why our brand is the one you can trust.

Before you dismiss us as being biased, let us explain why we are your best source for a quality DE experience. Here are the top five reasons to buy your DE from us:

Reason #1 Reliable Food Grade Quality


Although you can find food grade diatomaceous earth in local stores and other websites, it might not be intended for human consumption. Unless the DE is pure, it may have undergone some treatment to maximize the benefits for animals. Our DE is produced and packaged according to the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) standards, which means it is certifiably food grade. In addition, ours is the only DE on the market compliant with EPA and FDA regulations, which ensures our DE is the safest for your family, pets, and home.

Reason #2 Great Selection, Great Prices

As the largest online seller of diatomaceous earth, we offer DE in a wide variety of package sizes, from 1 to 40 lbs., and we do it at a competitive price.

Reason #3 Exceptional Learning Resources and Customer Service


We've put together the most comprehensive, credible collection of online resources about DE available. Right here on our website, you can learn how to use DE for dozens of things in your home and garden. We are constantly adding new information to our library, so follow us on Facebook to make sure you never miss a thing.

If you browse our learning center and still have questions, let us know! You can contact our customer support via phone, email, chat, or Facebook, and we will be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Reason #4 Certified Organic


DE in its purest form is naturally organic, but we went through the trouble of certifying our DE as organic through the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). This means that our product has been proven to contain no additives or contaminants. It is completely pure and organic.

Reason #5 Giveaways and Promo Codes

We like to show our customers how much we appreciate them. Every so often, we host contests on our Facebook page and give away free DE and other prizes, and we periodically give out promo codes for discounts and free shipping. So follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for these great opportunities!

We're confident in the purity and reliability of our DE, and we love helping our customers have an incredible DE experience. But if you're still not convinced, try our DE for yourself, and we'll cover the cost of shipping on your first order. Simply let us know you read this article by sending us a Facebook message, and we'll give you a promo code for free shipping.