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The Basics of Indoor Plant Care

Do you want to be a plant parent, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you are a new plant owner and you want to make sure you are giving your plants the best care possible! We have teamed up with plant expert Raffaele Di Lallo to provide you with some useful tips and advice! 


When asked “What tips do you have for someone just starting out with growing plants indoors?” Raffaele shared with us,

“My best advice for those just starting out with houseplants is to take things slowly. Start out with inexpensive and easy plants first until you become comfortable with growing them. ALWAYS consider light FIRST before all else and situate your plants directly in front of a window.  Depending on what plants you choose, different ones will need different window exposures.

Great beginner plants include Pothos, Snake Plants (Dracaena genus, but previously classified as Sansevieria), Hoyas, Succulents (if you have good direct sun), any common Philodendrons like Heart Leaf Philodendron or even Philodendron Brasil, ZZ Plant, and Monstera Deliciosa.


Choose a plant based off of the light that your home has, and not the other way around.  You can't fight nature!  After you master the easy plants, you can venture into plants that are more uncommon. After getting your light situation figured out, don't be afraid to water properly and by all means, don't listen to all the noise and gimmicks out there concerning plant care. It is always important to water properly and thoroughly, even succulents. 

The way you water plants should be the same, but what you SHOULD vary is the degree to which your potting mix dries out. Don't be in a rush to re-pot all the time. It will not fix all your woes. Especially when you just purchased a plant or received it in the mail, give it time to adjust.  When DO repot, only go up one pot size.  This will give your plant more room to grow, but it will minimize excess volume that may cause your potting mix to take too long to dry out and cause potential problems (especially if your plant is situated in a low-light environment).”


Starting out as a plant parent can be nerve-wracking, but Diatomaceous Earth is here to calm your worries with helpful insights and products for safe plant care. You can protect your plant from pesty bugs with our food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Buy some now and get your plant family started!

Raffaele not only is a knowledgeable plant enthusiast, but he has also authored multiple books on plant care and promotes plant insight on his website and email list. For more information check out his website