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How To Create a Morning Routine!

Creating a good morning routine is so important for your success, mental health, and physical health. A morning routine is what starts your entire day off! Our food grade Diatomaceous Earth has been an essential part of many customers'  morning routines for a long time. We want to provide some insights on how to create an efficient morning routine and what a good morning routine may look like! 

We interviewed Kayla Abdi, a super helpful health and wellness expert and she provided some amazing tips!

Here is what Kayla shared:

"Show me your habits and routines and I’ll show you your future .... Ok, so It took me a long time to figure out my morning routine. Anyone else? 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

I felt that it needed to be perfect. Needed to be over an hour. Needed to be like everyone else’s. Needed to be everything I liked crammed into a short amount of time! I over thought all of it to the point where it just wasn’t happening 😂 Many of you may be able to relate to this.

Here is the most helpful tip I found: MAKE IT SIMPLE AND MAKE IT YOU! Progress is found in the small wins every single today. 

This is what my personal morning routine looks like:

  1. I start by drinking a full glass of water first 💦
  2. I take my daily dose of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 🌎 
  3. I make a yummy protein coffee ☕️ 
  4. I read some daily Bible verses 📖 
  5. I do some stretching or a walk 💪
  6. I check my calendar 📆 
  7. I check in with my Team 💕"

This specific routine works best for Kayla because its simple and it caters to her specific needs! You can make an awesome morning routine like hers and adjust it to fit your needs. For example: if you don't like coffee you can replace it with some morning juice or a smoothie! Make sure to add a teaspoon of DE to that smoothie. You can also replace one of the steps with some morning affirmations, yoga, or any other activity that you love!


More amazing insight from Kayla:

"Also some of you may be wondering what the heck is Diatomaceous Earth? 😂 This supplement helps move things out of your intestines and helps promote healthier hair, skin, bones, and joints. Being able to actually absorb all of these nutrients with my water has been amazing 🙏

When I fill my cup first & feel my best, it allows me to pour into everyone around me more 😍"  Big thanks to Kayla Abdi for her help and advice! You can find her on instagram @kayla.abdi

With all of that information you know what to do next! Go make yourself a simple morning routine Diatomaceous Earth style ;) Shop now and improve your morning routine with a bag of our food grade diatomaceous earth!