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Natural Skin Exfoliation with Diatomaceous Earth Bar Soaps

Discover the Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth in Our Eco-Friendly Bar Soaps

Natural and eco-friendly products are taking over the market, and diatomaceous earth (DE) is no exception. This simple but extraordinary substance is utilized in many industries, including the personal care arena.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is a type of sedimentary mineral composed of the fossilized skeletal remains of diatoms, a type of marine organism. The silica mineral in DE makes up this fine powder, providing numerous skin benefits. DE is mild and effective on the skin and possesses great absorbing capabilities, making it a perfect candidate for bar soaps.

One of the major properties of diatomaceous earth bar soaps is gentle skin exfoliation. The fine particles of DE eliminate dead skin cells, giving you a refreshed feeling all day long. Various chemical substances used in exfoliation can sometimes prove too harsh for the skin, but DE offers a natural and harmless alternative for gentle skin exfoliation.

Diatomaceous earth also possesses excellent absorbency, acting like a sponge to absorb all the unwanted debris from your skin. This natural detoxification process clears out clogged skin pores and helps provide clean skin. DE in bar soaps offers a mild and effective cleansing method, giving you a smooth and fresh feeling. Additionally, we use high glycerin content in our bar soaps to retain moisture in the skin, making it soft and sleek.

Our all-natural and sulfate-free diatomaceous earth bar soaps represent the future of personal care. We aim to broaden the horizon of choices with various aromas. Experience our bar soaps today at