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Keep yourself, your loved ones, and your home safe from scorpions with diatomaceous earth. It's a safe product that works through a mechanical reaction, rather than chemical, to kill bugs. When the scorpion comes into contact with the DE, the powder will attach to the exoskeleton of the scorpion and begin to dehydrate. Continued use of DE will also protect your home from future scorpion infestations. Please take a look at our six steps for using diatomaceous earth to control scorpions, below:

According to a recent British study about arachnophobia found that around 55% of women and 18% of men experience a fear of spiders to some degree.

Aside from being creepy, spiders can be pesky; webs and nests can be in all corners of the house, collect dust, and propagate.

But at DiatomacousEarth.com, we have a solution for the spider problem in your homes.

Gnats is a term people use for the small, winged insects they find in their home. These "gnats" are usually fruit flies or fungus gnats, and they seem to come from nowhere. Check out the places in your home where gnats might be lurking:

Diatomaceous earth makes a great natural fly repellent around the yard and especially on the farm. Moisture and smell often go hand in hand, so DE is a great choice when trying to deodorize and dry these places out. Diatomaceous earth is effective because it absorbs moisture and deodorizes an area.

Nothing can ruin a good campout like a bad bug problem, so next time you go camping, be sure to pack these eco-friendly solutions. These do-it-yourself methods are cheap, simple, and won't harm you, your kids, or the environment.

For John Kohler, gardening is a not just a hobby, it's his passion. His organic gardening YouTube channel GrowingYourGreens.com has over 164,000 subscribers. Every few days, avid followers are able to learn new tips and skills by catching the latest episode. In his most recent video, John tells us how to protect our gardens from pests without chemical pesticides.

Many of you expressed some surprise last week when we posted our article about using DE to combat spiders and bugs in the your homes. There was a little bit of surprise about how little DE was required to combat the pesky critters that might be invading your home.

Wasps and hornets are never fun to encounter. Diatomaceous earth functions as natural wasp and hornet prevention. Wasps and hornets will not build nests where DE has been applied.Depending on your climate, you can begin seeing wasps in early spring, throughout the summer and into the late fall. One of the best ways to utilize diatomaceous earth with wasps and hornets is to treat it as a preventative measure or repellent. Follow the steps below to protect your home and family.

Diatomaceous earth is great because it's nontoxic to your garden but deadly to the aphids killing your plants. Aphids feast on plants by piercing the plant and sucking its moisture. In doing so, they actually transmit a virus into the plant which makes it curl and distorts its growth. If left unchecked, aphids can wreak havoc in your garden. While there are various kinds of pesticides, many people look for organic aphid control as a safer treatment option.

A single aphid can produce 80 offspring in a week. They come in a variety of colors such as green, red, brown, black, and yellow. Check your plants a couple times a week as you walk through the garden or do other activities such as watering and weeding. Look for plants that are yellowing, curling, or exhibiting distorted growth. This could be a sign of an aphid infestation.

If a particular plant is covered in aphids, it might be better to just cut it off and dispose of it. This won't completely eliminate the problem, but it can slow it down enough so you can keep ahead of the aphids.

If you live in an area where termites are a problem, you probably know the damage they can cause. Diatomaceous earth is a great tool to assist you in both preventing and removing termite infestations. It's affordable, chemical-free, and you can apply it yourself.

If you live in a damp climate, then you're no stranger to slugs. Salt, the slug standard, is ultimately impractical as a solution to getting rid of slugs; it negatively affects plants as well. Slug bait can be extremely problematic if you have pets that spend time outdoors.

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