Natural Flea Control for Cats

DE is a natural pest control to use around your home, but you can also use it to treat your cat for fleas.

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites which live outside, in our homes, and on our pets. The good thing, though, is that fleas really don't like DE.

As with other insects and arachnids, DE is a natural insecticide that is safe to use around your pets and family members.

Follow these simple steps to see how DE is the natural flea control you should be using for your Cat:

Step 1:

Find the areas around your house that your cat likes to spend their time (it might be their bed or kennel, the cat tree, or a favorite pillow or rug).

Step 2:

Vacuum the area, kennel, rug, or pillow where your cat rests. This helps collect any flea eggs that might be lying around; collecting those eggs before you apply the DE is essential as flea eggs aren't affected by DE until after they hatch.

Step 3:

Once you have vacuumed and you know that the area isn't damp, you can begin dusting the area with DE. You can use a sieve, a tied off sock filled with DE, or you can use one of our applicators here. Dust the area, pet bed, and/or blankets thoroughly.

Step 4:

After about 2 or 3 days of letting your dog or cat lounge around in the DE, you'll want to bathe them. But before you do this, go through and vacuum all of the area you covered with DE a few days ago. Vacuuming will collect any deceased fleas and their eggs, larvae, and pupae, helping to break the cycle. A word of warning here: DE is very hard on traditional filtered vacuums. Unless you're only cleaning a small section, we recommend using a shop vac to avoid burning out your vacuum's motor. For more information on cleaning up diatomaceous earth after you've applied it, check out our article here.

Step 5:

Give your cat a bath with a thorough shampooing. Since diatomaceous earth dries out skin, it's best to use a soap-free or moisturizing shampoo.

Step 6:

After the bath, comb through your cat's fur with a flea comb to help rid your pet of fleas.

Step 7:

You should treat your cat's bedding with diatomaceous earth twice a week, leaving it for about 3 days. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 weeks.

In the end, by putting down those pesky fleas with natural and safe flea control, you are protecting your cats and making them healthy and happy.

If you have questions about how to treat your dog for fleas, click here.

If you have questions about how to treat your home for fleas, click here.

Customer Reviews

  • Your product saved my fur babies!

    "I used your product on my cats and dogs, and around my home. We are finally at peace. I felt so bad for my fur babies and would let no one in my home. My basement was the worst, we bombed it with over 22 flea bombs with in a month and still were overrun and couldn't go down to wash clothes. I even bought $80 flea collars and nothing. And now we are flea free. Thank you so very much."

    - Tammy

  • Awesome product, highly recommended!

    "I have tried and love DE, it got rid of the fleas and ticks on my pets and in my house. It also cured my allergy to eggs, I used to get sick every time I ate eggs, but since I have been taking the DE, I haven't had an issue since. So many uses, love, love, love!"

    - Heather

  • Great product

    "I will recommend this product. We have 2 indoor cats... I tried 3 other products but they didn't work. So the research began. After reading reviews I chose this product due to need to get rid of the fleas...cost...and ease of use. I saw results within a couple of weeks. A month more fleas."

    - Deborah

  • Great sprayer

    "I ordered a container to use to distribute diatomaceous earth around my home, due to my poor cats being bothered by fleas. This sprayer has been a God send for inside and out."

    - Cynthia

  • Good!

    "The price was the best I was able to find for a large amount of Diatomaceous Earth. I use it because I have a cat Miss Callie. And she can sleep anywhere she wants. Sometimes that is with me in my bed. I sprinkle some on her, rub it into her coat on her back gently,and some for my bedding and it stops any fleas, and other bugs from bugging me. I am very sensitive and bugs can keep me from sleeping so I love this product. I get to sleep so good. I also put it on the rug, and in Callie's sleep spots and vacuum once every week, or so. It is so much better than poison."

    - Steven

  • Excellent!

    "Very friendly support and fast shipping. The product worked as advertised to help with flea control. thanks!"

    - Tom

  • FLEAS!

    "I bought 50 lbs of the DE to get control of the fleas that torment my dogs & cats every spring and summer. The drops, the collars, the pills are terribly expensive & it seems that my animals have developed a tolerance to these pesticides. Also, the accepted anti-flea remedies are so poisonous I hated using them on my pets. Within a week of dusting pets & bedding... I began to see a reduction in the constant scratching & itching. What a relief!"

    - Sarah

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