DE as a Toothpaste Scrub Improvement

Protecting our teeth is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle but maintaining good dental health can be difficult. Some people's teeth are too sensitive, others struggle to find good toothpaste or brushes, and some people don't have enough time.

Diatomaceous Earth is a simple and natural way to improve the quality of your toothpaste to get the most out of your brushing sessions without sacrificing comfort. The silica which makes up DE is an extremely porous and fine powder, yet very hard; this makes it a perfect abrasive to help clean plaque and tartar from our teeth.

Follow the instructions below for how to add DE to your toothpaste.

Step 1:

Take a small container (one that has an airtight lid) and add some toothpaste to it.

Step 2:

You will want to add 1 part DE to 3 parts toothpaste. Mix thoroughly.

Step 3:

Add toothpaste to the brush and brush your teeth as you would normally.

Step 4:

Seal the container for future use.

Note: If you are in a real hurry, you can dip the dampened bristles of your brush in DE before adding toothpaste and brushing.

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