Diatomaceous Earth: Natural Slug Control


If you live in a damp climate, then you're no stranger to slugs. Salt, the slug standard, is ultimately impractical as a solution to getting rid of slugs; it negatively affects plants as well. Slug bait can be extremely problematic if you have pets that spend time outdoors.

Diatomaceous earth is an alternative slug treatment that won't harm your plants or pets. Simply follow the instructions below to eliminate slugs with DE.

Step 1:

Since slugs prefer moisture and appear at night, it's helpful not water your garden in the evening at the height of their activity. Water your garden in the morning; this allows for the soil to dry throughout the day and not attract slugs at night.

Step 2:

Simply encircle the base of the plant with DE. This will discourage slugs from climbing up into the plant to snack on it, and if they do, they will dehydrate and die quickly. Diatomaceous earth is not as effective when it's wet, so only apply on dry days and in relatively dry soil. If you have questions about how to apply DE check out our applicators here.

Step 3:

Reapply as often as needed. If the DE gets wet, it will resume working once it dries out. You will need to repeat application if it gets washed away after heavy rainfall.

Please Note: only EPA registered products should be purchased for pesticidal purposes.

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