Household Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

Household Uses for DE

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Since diatomaceous earth (DE) is non-toxic and organic, it can be used for a variety of ways inside your home. The absorbent qualities of DE make it great for deodorizing your garbage can or litter box. It can also be used to clean up grease and oil stains in the garage or on the carpet. Many people like to mix DE powder with milk, water, or lemon juice to polish various metals such as silver or brass. DE is great for natural pest control and is effective against gnats, ants, and even cockroaches in your home. The absorbent particles attach to insect exoskeletons, making them dehydrate quickly. Read the how-to articles below and learn how you can start using DE in your home.

Learn How To Use DE Around The House

Keep Your Bed Free of Bed Bugs

Keep Your Bed Free of Bed Bugs

It's pretty impossible to sleep restfully when bed bugs invade your space, and they can be expensive to eliminate. With diatomaceous earth, you can kill off bed bugs in a non-toxic way. DE is safe to use around pets and humans, yet highly lethal to bed bugs. Learn How-To >>

Terminate Indoor Ants with DE

Terminate Indoor Ants with DE

During the warm months of the year, ants are more likely to invade a home and they can be difficult to exterminate. To treat ants indoors, without harsh chemicals, try diatomaceous earth. DE is an organic pesticide that can remove ants and other pests through its absorbent properties. Learn How-To >>

Rid Your Home of Roaches with DE

When roaches infest your home and garage, they can be tricky to remove and keep from returning. Diatomaceous earth can be used to control roaches without using chemical bug bombs. By applying DE around your home, you are also creating a barrier against future roach infestations. Learn How-To >>

DE as a Powerful Spider Killer

DE as a Powerful Spider Repellent

Spiders can hide in the crevices and hard to reach places in your home. However, with diatomaceous earth, you can treat spider infestations effectively. As the spider comes into contact with DE, it will start to dehydrate. DE also works continuously against future spider problems. Learn How-To >>

How Do I Know I'm Using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

When first navigating the world of diatomaceous earth, the different grades of DE may seem overwhelming. Especially when you need to obtain food grade DE. In addition to checking the label, look at the color of the product. Learn How-To >>

Reduce Flies Around the Farm and Home with DE

Reduce Flies Around the Farm and Home with DE

As flies often swarm where there are animals, heat, and moisture, they can become a huge nuisance. Diatomaceous earth is made up of porous and absorbent diatoms, allowing it to dry up the attraction and remove the flies at the same time. Learn How-To >>

Absorb Spills Quickly with DE

Absorb Spills Quickly with DE

Diatomaceous earth is made up of porous diatoms. When DE touches a liquid, it will instantly absorb it. You only need a little DE to sprinkle over a garage, carpet, or wood floor spill. A little DE will quickly soak up large spills. Learn How-To >>

How Do I Apply Diatomaceous Earth? provides a wide variety of applicators and articles designed to teach you how to use DE better. With so many uses for DE there are just as many good ways to apply it. Here are a few of our favorite applicators and ways to spread DE. Learn More >>

In Home Flea Infestation? Use DE for Eradication

When our beloved pooch or feline picks up fleas, the fleas invariably take over the house as well. It's important to rid your home of fleas to stop your pets from continually picking them up. DE is perfect for disrupting the life cycle of the flea, which is essential to keeping a flea-free home. Learn How-To >>

To Prolong Your Food Storage, Use DE

To Prolong Your Food Storage, Use DE

Storing food requires careful planning against bug infestations and other things that can cause food to spoil. Diatomaceous earth is a great way to protect your food. The absorbent properties in DE can keep your food dry while warding off insects. Learn How-To >>

Deodorize Garbage Smells Naturally with DE

In the home, there are all sorts of smells especially around food and pets. Trash bins create a collaboration of those smells, which can often be unbearable. To deodorize unwanted smells, try using DE. With porous and absorbent qualities, it works to neutralize the air without harsh chemicals. Learn More >>

Neutralize Carpet Orders with DE

Neutralize Carpet Orders with DE

Overtime, unwanted smells can soil the carpet. With pets, kids, and spills, it can be hard to clean your carpet with just a vacuum. To clean and deodorize your carpet, try diatomaceous earth. As an absorbent substance, it naturally reduces orders in your carpet. Learn How-To >>

To Freshen Just About Everywhere, Try DE

To Freshen Just About Everywhere, Try DE

Diatomaceous earth can be used in surprising places around the home to deodorize smells. You can place it in the fridge to absorb odors. You can also use it in a sock drawer, on your carpet, pet bedding, your shoes, and many other areas. Learn How-To >>

Make a Safe and Chemical-Free Cleaner with DE

Diatomaceous earth has the ability to be both safe and abrasive as a cleaner. Since it's a natural substance, you can use it to clean without harsh chemicals. Mix DE with water, a little lemon juice, and other cleaning agents to create a strong, non-toxic cleaner. Learn More >>

Consider Consuming DE

Not only does it work effectively on bugs, it can also be consumed daily by humans. Check out our testimonials to learn what our customers are saying about consuming DE. Learn More >>

Wash Your Face and Brush Your Teeth with DE

With the ability to be both gentle and abrasive, DE is a great substance to use for cleaning your face and teeth. You can mix a little DE in your daily toothpaste to get a deeper clean. Or you can mix a little DE with your face wash occasionally to absorb unwanted oils. Learn More >>


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