DE As a Face and Tooth Scrub

DE As a Face and Tooth Scrub

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People are also looking for ways to improve their health. No matter what they may be looking to improve, it's important that there are safe and natural options like diatomaceous earth. DE is a way for people to rely on ingredients from the earth to improve their lives. One such way is using diatomaceous earth as a facial cleanser or toothpaste. The absorbent properties of DE can boost the performance of both products by trapping additional bacteria in your mouth and oils on your face. To learn more about the process and benefits of including DE in your daily routine, check out our instructions below.

How-To Instructions


How-To Use DE as a Facial Scrub

The neat part about using DE as a cleanser is that you can mix it with just water for an effective scrub, or you can mix a little DE with your regular cleanser. As with any scrub, you should use it sparingly to protect your skin from irritation or drying out: probably once every two weeks would be sufficient to start out. When you make your own paste, just mix some DE in a cup with a little water. This should make a thick, gray paste. Then, use your fingers to gently scrub it on your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Be sure to avoid highly sensitive areas like your mouth and eyes. (DE can irritate these places). Leave it on for about 2 minutes (it will start to dry). Then wash it off with a wet cloth or your hands. Again, please be careful around your eyes when washing the DE from your face. There are some face wash brands that create products with DE as an ingredient.


How-To Use DE as a Toothpaste Boost

Just add a little DE to your toothpaste and brush as normal. DE has a way of attaching to bacteria, which will help to clean your teeth. Since the DE works to naturally exfoliate, it gives your teeth a little extra cleaning.

Helpful Tips and Warnings

  • If you just use DE as opposed to mixing it with your face wash, don't use it more than once a week. This is to prevent your skin from drying out.
  • Be sure to use food grade diatomaceous earth.

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